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I have two heartbeats! …and other freaky revelations

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I had read that animals can know if you are pregnant. Maybe I’m making this up, but I swear my dog (his name is Grover) knows. He started sniffing me and looking at me as if to say, “I know.” And then he’d lick me. It’s kind of fun being able to share this with him. Well that sounds completely weird. I do have actual people friends, I promise.

We went to our 2nd doctor visit yesterday and our little guy or gal has a heartbeat! 149 beats per minute. My husband commented this morning, after I told him I was up from about 1:30am til at least 4:30 for some crazy reason, that I have 2 heartbeats. So strange! For some reason, seeing the picture of the little person yesterday really made it all hit me again that I am pregnant. I am sure I was imagining things, but the picture of our baby looked like he/she was squatting/sitting up. This is clearly not possible since it doesn’t even have legs much less knees, but it put a little picture in my head. We could also see the heartbeat by a little light flickering which is just crazy. I have 2 hearts inside of me, beating at different rhythms. I think my husband likes me more because I’m more like the aliens in all the movies he likes to watch 😉

Now I am REALLY – even more so – concerned with everything I put in my body. Yesterday I exhaled the whole time I had to walk through a group of smokers, today I might jerk the cigarettes out of their mouth and yell at them.

I ran 4 miles yesterday morning, and had to run behind a few cars with exhaust who were waiting at stop signs, which normally I just try to breathe out, but now I may have to just completely take a detour.

I’ve been reading all kinds of things about what foods do what (it’s like my pornography – I love reading about nutrition and all the lies the government tells us about what to eat…don’t worry, I’ll post my research!) and I am now terrified to feel that little person anything that could harm his future, like refined sugar and hormones in our meat. Forget anything processed.

So on to day #1 of officially knowing I have 2 hearts inside me….

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I am a Mom to a toddler (girl), owner of 2 boutiques, exercise enthusiast and a most-of-the-time vegan!

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