1 Dress 3 Looks

I bought this dress from Revolve.com on a whim because I really liked the sleeves. This color is not a color I would normally choose but it had me at the sleeves. Once I put it on, the color was actually pretty cute! It fit well – it is fitted, has a little stretch, but not so bodycon that I would feel self conscious. I started to hold up different necklaces that I could wear with it and realized that it’s a pretty versatile dress!


Here is the dress with a long edgy-ish necklace that I bought when I lived in NYC so at this point it’s about 8 years old! I thought it gave the dress a look that could be worn somewhere like a party with a DJ or somewhere wanted to stand out but  not necessarily be “fancy”.


Then I tried adding pearls and, what the heck, my Jimmy Choo sparkly pumps! This upped the fancy level to make it something I’d wear to a cocktail party or any place I needed to be fancy and it was still appropriate to wear such a short dress 🙂


By the way, if you’re even wondering if I have ever actually worn these ostentatious Jimmy Choo shoes, the answer is YES! I’ve actually found that they go with SO much – I’ve worn them with dresses as well as jeans.

Last, even though I have several more necklaces that would have looked great, I paired it with some blue ball (I couldn’t figure out any other way to describe them sorry) earrings for a color blocking effect. I feel like this is more of a casual look. I could easily put on some wedges and go to brunch.  My earrings are from Walter Green Boutique and are $10.


I also think this dress would like fun with a big huge statement necklace like this one.

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I am a Mom to a toddler (girl), owner of 2 boutiques, exercise enthusiast and a most-of-the-time vegan!

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