5 Looks for Fall!

My top outfit choices for Fall! I’m really in to these choker necks on dresses and sweaters! (Sweaters coming soon!) Plus, I love interesting lengths in tops and it’s an extra plus if they are still cozy! Jeans? I’m all about the ripped, cut edges and especially the ones that don’t make much sense! Long sleeve, flattering dresses are where it’s at AND I’m OBSESSED with STRIPES this year! More to come later! Scroll down for links to products.

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Floral Choker Neck Dress Click Here ($59.99)

Super Awesome Hi Lo Top that I LOOOOOVEEEE ($69.99 and only available in Burgundy now!)

Insanely comfy yet cute long sleeve red maxi dress! ($39.99)

Uneven Cut Jeans ($109.99 but they’re awesome I promise!)

Navy Striped Skirt (tops is sold out) – seems they might be out of stock but click here for others!


1 Puff Sleeve Blouse, 3 Looks!

I was unsure if I would like this top – I have wide shoulders and usually things that accentuate my arms or shoulders make me look like a football player. Not a cute look. But I think since this top is so lightweight that I actually ended up really liking it!


I immediately felt like this needed to be paired with a skinny bottom, like skinny jeans, but I wanted to try it with a few not-so-obvious combinations first. Which is why I freaking love fashion; there are no rules! OK well maybe there are some but I choose to ignore almost all of them ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย I decided it would be fun to put this top with some trouser pants that had a print. I like this look, although I think if my pants fit a bit more snug it would look better.


Then I decided to try it with a skirt – my faux leather skirt by Gentle Fawn is always my go-to skirt because it lets me pair an easy, no-tuck-in top and feel all comfy while looking like I spent some time on my outfit ๐Ÿ™‚ I ended up liking this more than I thought I would! I also think it would be fun to pair this with a fitted printed skirt but I don’t have one that I think would work right now.


Last, this is my favorite look of the 3! I don’t know why I always love skinny denim and heels – especially my sparkly Jimmy Choos (did I mention these were my “push” present from my husband? Worth having that baby without any drugs!) ๐Ÿ™‚ I like this look the best and will definitely be rocking it many many times this year. Luckily, in northern Florida it will be easy to wear this look almost year round!

I didn’t try this out yet, but I plan on putting this top with my faux suede leggings and over the knee boots this winter. It *might* look a little like I’m about to ride a horse or be knighted in to King Richard’s army…but if it doesn’t resemble any of those scenarios I think it will ROCK!


And look, you can even deal with your toddler who will not stop putting rocks in her mouth in this blouse! My top is from Walter Green Boutique.

1 Skirt, 3 Looks

This skirt is really great for 2 reasons: 1) it is a classy, to-the-knee length which I think is a nice change from maxi and mini and 2) it has these 2 high splits in the front! So you show a little leg when you walk. I really would have liked to pair a red top with this skirt, but I didn’t have one that was the right color red for me. So I decided to play around with tops I already own.


I feel like this white off shoulder top from Walter Green Boutique literally goes with everything. I’ve also worn it with another floral skirt and I loved hat look too:

But I guess white goes with everything, right? I think it makes this outfit seem more romantic and date night worthy.


This time I put the skirt with my faithful blue silk tank from Yumi Kim which I’ve had for 500 years. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of this Top! The blue doesn’t exactly “match” any colors in the skirt but I think it gives a whole different look with this skirt.


Here I paired the skirt with a faux leather charcoal tank. I feel like this tons down the look a bit and could even be a fall transition outfit. I can see some tights and over the knee boots here…


Last, I put the actual matching top with the skirt. I like this (this was my husband’s favorite) but I think it can be a bit overwhelming. I also think the other looks could be worn Day or night whereas this one is probably only wear it to dinner or maybe a party!


And here’s one that didn’t make the cut ๐Ÿ™‚

1 Dress 3 Looks

I bought this dress from Revolve.com on a whim because I really liked the sleeves. This color is not a color I would normally choose but it had me at the sleeves. Once I put it on, the color was actually pretty cute! It fit well – it is fitted, has a little stretch, but not so bodycon that I would feel self conscious. I started to hold up different necklaces that I could wear with it and realized that it’s a pretty versatile dress!


Here is the dress with a long edgy-ish necklace that I bought when I lived in NYC so at this point it’s about 8 years old! I thought it gave the dress a look that could be worn somewhere like a party with a DJ or somewhere wanted to stand out but ย not necessarily be “fancy”.


Then I tried adding pearls and, what the heck, my Jimmy Choo sparkly pumps! This upped the fancy level to make it something I’d wear to a cocktail party or any place I needed to be fancy and it was still appropriate to wear such a short dress ๐Ÿ™‚


By the way, if you’re even wondering if I have ever actually worn these ostentatious Jimmy Choo shoes, the answer is YES! I’ve actually found that they go with SO much – I’ve worn them with dresses as well as jeans.

Last, even though I have several more necklaces that would have looked great, I paired it with some blue ball (I couldn’t figure out any other way to describe them sorry) earrings for a color blocking effect. I feel like this is more of a casual look. I could easily put on some wedges and go to brunch. ย My earrings are from Walter Green Boutique and are $10.


I also think this dress would like fun with a big huge statement necklace like this one.