10k while pregnant

Running and Boot Camp – 10 weeks pregnant

I have been lucky not to have ‘morning sickness’ or anything of the sort. I get nauseous if I do not eat as soon as I wake up (sleepless nights I wind up eating an avocado with honey!) and I do NOT do well without a full, solid night of sleep. I am pretty tired most of the time as well. However, I feel like this is pretty mild considering all the other posts I’ve read! In any case, I always feel like myself for at least a short while when and right after I’m exercising.

10k while pregnant

I ran a 10K last Saturday. It was .11 over 6.2 miles and I ran it in 52 minutes. NOT my best time by any means, but it was very humid and absolutely no breeze! I got a little nervous struggling through it, since you aren’t supposed to put yourself in situations where you cannot breathe while your pregnant. The last mile – determined to push forward – I talked to myself a little. Ha! Luckily I was by myself and no one was around me to hear me sound crazy.

boot camp

I’ve been doing light boot camp style workout classes a couple of times a week and running here and there. Yesterday I tried a new class with a new girl in town. It lasted about 35 minutes and I feel like it was perfect for a pregnancy workout (although the trainer had no idea I’m preggers):

Warm Up:

– 1 lap around the park (a little less than a lap around a track). I ran.

– Squats with good mornings 20 seconds Jumping jacks 20 seconds, repeat 3 times

4 x Rotation:

– Mountain climbers – 40 seconds, 20 second rest

– Walking lunges – 40 seconds, 20 second rest

– Dumbell rows with 8lb weights while in plank – 40 seconds, 20 second rest

– Squats with shoulder press with 10lb bar – 40 seconds, 20 second rest

2 x each:

– Side shuffle to free throw line and back (we were on a tennis/basketball court) – 1 minute, 20 second rest

– Side shuffle five steps with rubber band around ankles (5 steps on direction, then back the other, repeat) – 1 minute, 20 second rest

With a partner (or you could do it without):

– Sprint to half court and back, then full court and back

– Other person does squats until you are finished and then you switch

Clearly not everyone has a basketball court to work on but you could easily estimate the sprints