run on the beach

6 mile run + Yoga for my Mid Back Pain

I have been experiencing some MAJOR mid back pain in the last few weeks.I mean, excruciating to where I do whatever I can to make it go away (without using any pain killers). It doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, I can’t figure out what makes it finally go away because when it’s not there I’m not thinking about it. In any case, I always wake up feeling fine.This morning I got up and it was unusually cold for this time of year (46 degrees!) which was great because I had planned on running 6 miles, and I haven’t been running more than 4 in the last few weeks so I liked the fact that I wouldn’t also be running in the heat. I ran 5.5 miles and then ran on the beach the rest of the way. Beach sand is tough to run on! Half a mile was plenty πŸ™‚

mexico beach, fl

Afterwards my mid back was hurting again, so I decided to do a yoga video geared towards alleviating my issue. I usually do a 10-20 minute yoga video (I do different ones on youtube) after I do a run. I found this one today and really liked it