pregnant canoeing

2nd Trimester: Energy (yay!) and “nesting”

About week 15, my energy *finally* came back! The energy is here some days (when I get PLENTY of sleep) and other days not so much. Or I feel great in the morning, but by 2:30pm I want to crash. That being said, this is a much needed relief from the 1st Trimester! Looking back, I’m honestly not even sure how I did the things I did during those first 3.5 months: took my husband to Boston for 3 days along with his sister and her husband (check!), went to an all day beer fest followed by more bar hopping (check!), did a Tough Mudder (check!), ran a 10K (check!)…..not to mention other outings here and there.

Surprises during my 2nd Trimester: I do not like loud noises. I don’t think I’ve ever liked them, per se, but I get a reaction to them now, loud bars included. Speaking of loud bars, I am extremely uncomfortable in environments with a lot of people around – being in a bar with a ton of people who are losing control over themselves is super stressful for me! I’ve never been this way. Even when I wasn’t drinking much while out, I didn’t have this strong of an aversion. It’s like I want to be in warm, cozy environments where I can “nest” and sit on my eggs, or something.

Two weekends ago I went on a camping – ok, glamping (glamorous camping) with my husband’s sister and her husband, and another couple. We stayed in a cabin by a lake in Blue Springs National Park, no tv, lots of nature, and a 4 hour canoe trip down the Suwannee river. I even managed to get in a short trail run.  It was perfect! Although I couldn’t last long through the Cards of Humanity while the others stayed up til the wee hours drinking and playing….I managed til about midnight and hit the hay. But other than that, I was able to keep up with everything else! And the cabin was so great. I would get up early (well, before everyone else) and read on the screened in porch and it was perfect. I highly recommend this kind of trip if you’re pregnant and feeling like you want to be cozy all the time.